Request Headers

Header NameHeader Value
X-VERIFYSHA256(base64 encoded payload + "/v4/debit" +
salt key) + ### + salt index
X-REDIRECT-URLDynamic redirect URI for UI callback
X-REDIRECT-MODEHTTP mode to be used for UI callback
X-CALLBACK-URLDynamic callback URI for server to server callback
X-CALL-MODEHTTP mode to be used for server to server callback
X-PROVIDER-IDUsed for the cases where the merchant has multiple merchant IDs
   "message":"payment for order placed OD1234",
   "email":"amit***[email protected]",
  "request": "eyAgCiAgICJtZXJjaGFudElkIjoiTTIzMDYxNjA0ODMyMjA2NzU1NzkxNDAiLAogICAidHJhbnNhY3Rpb25JZCI6IlRYMTIzNDU2Nzg5IiwKICAgIm1lcmNoYW50VXNlcklkIjoiVTEyMzQ1Njc4OSIsCiAgICJhbW91bnQiOjEwMCwKICAgIm1lcmNoYW50T3JkZXJJZCI6Ik9EMTIzNCIsCiAgICJtb2JpbGVOdW1iZXIiOiI5eHh4eHh4eHh4IiwKICAgIm1lc3NhZ2UiOiJwYXltZW50IGZvciBvcmRlciBwbGFjZWQgT0QxMjM0IiwKICAgInN1Yk1lcmNoYW50IjoiRGVtb01lcmNoYW50IiwKICAgImVtYWlsIjoiYW1pdCoqKjc1QGdtYWlsLmNvbSIsCiAgICJzaG9ydE5hbWUiOiJBbWl0Igp9"

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionMandatory
merchantIdSTRINGUnique MerchantID assigned to the merchant by PhonePeYes
transactionIdSTRINGUnique TransactionID generated by the merchant to track request to PhonePe
transactionId length should be less than 38 characters.
merchantUserIdSTRINGUnique UserID generated by merchant. This is used to pre-login users authenticated on PhonePe. Un-authenticated users are redirected to PhonePe login page. Conversions are higher when this is provided. Avoid passing email/mobile number.
Skip this for guest users.
userAuthTokenSTRINGUnique userAuthTokengiven to merchant in OTP flow. This is used to pre-login users authenticated on PhonePe. If not passed users will be redirected to PhonePe login page.

amountLONGTransaction amount in PaiseYes
merchantOrderIdSTRINGOrderID generated by the merchant
merchantOrderId length should be less than 48 characters.
subMerchantSTRING.Tag to categorize merchant transaction.
Skip this field if you don't have multiple merchants tagged under one merchant id
mobileNumberSTRINGMobile number of the userNo
messageSTRINGShort message. This message is displayed to the user on completion of payment.No
emailSTRINGEmail address of the userNo
shortNameSTRINGUser's name pre-filled for registration purpose.No

Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
successBooleanSuccess status of the request
codeEnumSee list of response codes below
shortNameStringShort message about code

Regular Debit Response Codes

INVALID_USER_AUTH_TOKENThe userAuthToken provided is either invalid or not mapped to merchant.
BAD_REQUESTInvalid request payload
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORSomething went wrong


1.Make sure that 'follow redirection' is disabled while calling this API.
2.This location endpoint should be appended to host to get the complete redirection URL.
3.It's recommended to have the server to server call back using x-callback-url header.

Once the transaction is complete, user will be redirected back to the merchant.

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