This API is used to check if the given VPA is valid or not.

Request Headers

Header NameHeader Value
X-VERIFYSHA256("/v3/{merchantId}/{vpa}/validate" +
saltKey) + "###" + saltIndex

Path Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionMandatory
merchantIdSTRINGUnique Merchant ID assigned to the merchant by PhonePeYes
vpaSTRINGVPA (UPI ID) for which validation is requiredYes

Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
successBOOLEANA boolean to indicate the success/failure of the request. Merchant should check for this parameter if VPA exists or not
codeENUM(see list of codes below)This parameter is used to decide if collect was successfully sent or not.
messageSTRINGShort message about status of VPA
existsBOOLEANFlag indicates if VPA (UPI ID) exists
nameSTRINGName of the person registered on this VPA
vpaSTRINGVPA ID passed in request

Response Codes

EXTERNAL_VPA_ERRORIncorrect VPA. VPA ID does not exists.
BAD_REQUESTSome mandatory parameter was missing
AUTHORIZATION_FAILEDChecksum sent in header was not valid
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORSomething went wrong


To check if a VPA is valid, Merchant should consider the following values:
success:true, code:"SUCCESS", exists:true

The value of data would be populated only if value of success is true.

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