Bulk Refunds

This section is for merchants who do refunds on a bulk basis through CSV upload.


Refund for merchants owned directly by the business is only allowed. I.e. a franchisor is not able to refund on behalf of the franchisees.

Upload .csv file containing the following fields.

merchant_idmandatoryRegistered merchant id at PhonePe
refund_transaction_idoptionalUnique transaction id for the refund transaction
amountmandatoryAmount to be refunded in Rupees
provider_reference_idmandatory if merchant_forward_transaction_id is not providedPhonePe reference id of the forward transaction
merchant_forward_transaction_idmandatory if provider_reference_id is not providedMerchant transaction id of the forward transaction
merchant_order_idmandatoryOrder id associated with the refund transaction
messageoptionalMessage for the refund transaction. This will be shown to the customer along with the transaction details
provider_idoptionalThe aggregator id assigned by PhonePe. This is applicable only for aggregators

Download a template document by clicking on ‘Download Sample Document’

For more details, click on the link below ‘Click here for more details on file format’.


The refund is processed by the system and once all the requested refunds are processed, a summary report is generated.

The summary provides:

  • Total number of refunds requested,
  • Count of successful refunds,
  • Count of refunds that failed due to other errors (e.g. network issue, etc),
  • Count of errors due to exceeding the allowable refundable amount (i.e. the original transaction is of a smaller amount than the requested refund, or if the partial refund is already processed and the allowable refund is lower than requested refund),
  • Amount successfully refunded.