Fetch UPI Apps

To get the list of UPI Apps installed on the user’s device:

try {
	PhonePe.setFlowId("some id");  
	List<UPIApplicationInfo> upiApps = PhonePe.getUpiApps();
} catch (PhonePeInitException exception) {

UPIApplicationInfo Model

public class UPIApplicationInfo {
	String packageName;
	String applicationName;
	Long version;

Flow Id

  • Recommended but not Mandatory.
  • It acts as a common ID between the merchant app user journey and PhonePe SDK.
  • It can be user id, mobile number or any random id which merchant app logs so that there is a track of user between merchant app and PhonePe SDK.
  • It should be alphanumeric string without any special character.