PhonePe provides an option for Merchants who have their own Checkout page and want PhonePe PG to process payments via various payment methods – UPI, Cards, and Netbanking.

User Experience

Once the user adds products to the merchant cart, the user is redirected to the Merchant Checkout page. Payment information is collected by the merchant from the user on the Merchant Checkout page. Then the Merchants can then submit the collected information to PhonePe PG to process the payment.


  • Multiple Payment Options
    The Custom Checkout page supports all payment methods – UPI, Cards, and Netbanking. Merchants can integrate and process various payment options via PhonePe PG.
  • Seamless Payment
    On the Custom Checkout page, PhonePe UPI opens as a bottom sheet with transparent background. This enables a seamless payment experience for users compared to full-page UPI Intent flow where users navigate away from the merchant checkout experience.
  • Refunds
    The Refund feature provides you with the option to provide a best-in-class refund experience to your customers.
  • Coverage
    We support a wide range of domestic Cards, various Netbanking options, UPI Collect, and Intent.
  • Security
    The Custom Checkout Page option is relevant for merchants who want to build and maintain their own checkout page experience and have PCI-DSS certification for card acceptance.