PhonePe provides a Standard Checkout page that is hosted by PhonePe PG. This handles payment information and processing for UPI, Cards, and Netbanking payment methods. PhonePe PG Hosted Checkout Page is PCI DSS compliant.


  • Onboarding
    Integrate PhonePe Payment Gateway on your native-built website using Standard Checkout. You can also explore our plugins for various platforms such as WooCommerce, Opencart, Shopify and more.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    The Standard Checkout page supports all payment methods – UPI, Cards, and Netbanking. The customers will be able to choose from the available multiple payment options.
  • Seamless Checkout
    The Standard Checkout page opens as a bottom sheet with transparent background. This enables a seamless checkout experience for users compared to a redirection flow where users navigate away from the merchant checkout experience.
  • Easy Integration
    It makes integrations easier and takes away the effort to design and build customized UI with platform-specific optimizations
  • Best User Experience
    The standard checkout page auto enables relevant payment methods & experiences based on the device, platform/browser and optimizes for maximum conversion.
  • Refunds
    The Refund feature provides you with the option to provide a best-in-class refund experience to your customers.
  • Coverage
    We support a wide range of domestic Cards, various Netbanking options, UPI Collect, and Intent.
  • UPI Intent flow for mobile websites on supported browsers (PhonePe, Gpay, PayTM) along with Half-page QC-Lite and Fast Forward flows for PhonePe
  • UPI Collect flow with pre-defined UPI post-fix
  • QR-based flow for UPI transactions on Desktop
  • Security
    The merchant does not have to undergo the PCI-DSS compliance process as all payment information is handled by the PhonePe Standard Checkout page. PhonePe PG is PCI-DSS compliant