Shopify Plugin

How to integrate PhonePe PG with your Shopify website?

Step 1: Log into your Shopify website with admin credentials.

Step 2: Select the store you wish to enable PhonePe Payment Gateway for

Step 3: Click Settings at the bottom of the page > Payments

Step 4: Under Supported payment methods, click + Add payment method

Step 5: Click Search by Provider and search for PhonePe Payment Gateway. Click Install PhonePe PG 

Step 6: Click Install PhonePe Payment Gateway

Step 7: Enter the required details based on whether you want to test in a stage or prod environment and click Proceed. 

Step 8: For testing on stage, enable test mode before clicking Activate 

Step 9: To make a test payment, go to your website, and proceed to checkout after selecting a product.  

Step 10: Select your preferred payment mode and make the payment.  

Steps to test in staging environment :

  • For Prod, log into > Developer Settings for the details. 
  • Click Settings again and select Payments