System Flow

The diagram illustrates system interactions between the merchant and PhonePe for initiating a credit to the customer.


A payment has following flow:

  1. Customer Consent:
    The user requests a refund on the merchant page. Merchant takes explicit consent from the user. The text of the explicit consent - "I hereby consent to fetch payment-related information associated with the registered mobile number from the Payment Partners for processing refund”.

Any deviation from this text will have to be approved by the PhonePe team

  1. Fetch Credit Options API:
    Merchants call the Credit Payment Options API. In response, the available payment options for that user will be returned and merchants should display them to the user.

  2. Initiating Payment:
    Once the user selects the option displayed in UI, the merchant does a server to server call to initiate a payment request (Pay Credit API).

  3. Validate VPA:
    If the user selects the VPA Address, then the merchant will call the Validate VPA API to check whether the user entered the VPA address as valid or not.

  4. Status verification:
    Merchant checks the transaction status using the Check transaction status API and verifies the amount in the response. The order is then placed based on the transaction status provided by PhonePe.