Test Environment Credentials

Use the below credentials for Pre-Prod testing:

  1. merchantID : Kindly request for the MID if you haven't received from integration team [[email protected]].

  2. AppID : will be given by PhonePe. Merchant has to give their fully qualified bundle identifier. Please share your fully qualified bundle identifier, i.e. TeamID.com.example.exampleApp. TeamID can be found at developer.apple.com -> Membership -> Team ID.


UAT Testing

Share a debuggable IPA with the debuggable flag set to true on the PhonePeSDK with the PhonePe team for the sanity and UAT sign-off before moving to Production.

  1. Host: https://mercury-uat.phonepe.com

  2. Keys: Will be shared along with the MID details. If not received, kindly request from the Integration team [[email protected]].