UAT to Production Migration


UAT Sign-Off

After completing Integration, send a testing URL/App to PhonePe for the sanity check. Production credentials will be shared post UAT sign-off by PhonePe.

Replace below parameters before going LIVE to production.

MerchantIDUse the merchantID shared for Production
Host URLReplace the UAT host URL in the Server API calls with
API keysReplace the UAT keys with the Production Keys for checksum/X-VERIFY header computation in all the API calls.
Update appId Update the App ID of Production. If not received, generate the signature using the PhonePe SDK method and send an email to the PhonePe Integration team.
Update environment Initialize the PhonePe SDK with the environment as PhonePeEnvironment.RELEASE
PhonePe Production Package

To get the App Id from PhonePe for Production


Post UAT Sign-Off, get the App Id from PhonePe for Production

Share us with the Android signature using the below code in your android application(Production).
String string_signature = PhonePe.getPackageSignature()


To get App Id

Without calling PhonePe.init() method under Step 2, getPackageSignature() method can't be called to fetch the Signature as it will throw an error as the SDK is not initialized.

Solution: Before calling the getPackageSignature() method, the merchant has to initialize the SDK using PhonePe.init(context, environmentValue, appId, merchantId, appId). For initializing, merchant can pass the dummy value in the appId for the first time and later once the App ID is shared by the PhonePe Team, it should be replaced for the transactions to work smoothly.


For Production, share the package signature of the release build that will be published to the Playstore to generate the App ID.


For Production, do not share the package signature from the Debug or Test Build which won't work.