Prod Credentials

After completing Integration, send a testing URL/App to PhonePe for the sanity check. Once verified in UAT, UAT Sign-off will be provided. Then, the Production credentials will be shared by PhonePe.

Ensure the following steps while migrating from UAT to Production for Go Live.

[**Step 1: Replace the MID**](🔗) [**Step 2: Replace the Host URL**](🔗) [**Step 3: Replace the Salt Keys**](🔗)

#### **Step 1: Replace the MID**

Replace the UAT Merchant ID with the **Production Merchant ID**. The Production MID will be received in the Prod Credentials email.

#### **Step 2: Replace the Host URL**

Replace the UAT Host URL with the **Production Host URL**.

Production Host URL


#### **Step 3: Replace the Salt Keys**

Replace the UAT Salt Keys (Key + Index) with the **Production Salt Keys (Key + Index)** for the checksum/X-VERIFY header computation in all the APIs. The Production Salt Keys (Key + Index) will be received in the Prod Credentials email.