PhonePe is India’s most trusted digital payment partner. To help you with your business, we have launched PhonePe Payment Gateway. This helps you seamlessly process 100% online payments from your customers and is absolutely secure. We are also equipped to handle large-scale transactions with best-in-class success rates.

### What do we offer?

  • **Flexible integration**: Our pre-built checkout integration fits easily into any business requirement.

  • **User-friendly SDKs & Plugins**: Integrate easily across any web platform and mobile applications

  • **Wide range of Payment methods**: Accept payments through debit/credit cards, UPI, and net banking.

  • **User-friendly dashboard**: Efficiently manage and track your transactions, settlements, refunds, and customer issues.

**Note**: This document is a step-wise detailed guide for your developers and tech team. You can check out the types of integration we have to offer, and the data flow mechanism between your merchant system and PhonePe system. It also covers testing procedures using the sandbox environment and troubleshooting techniques you would need during integration.


<br>The PhonePe Developer Documentation is the primary resource for all PhonePe integration-related information.

This document is meant for use by the Developers.

  • Integration towards UI flows and data flows between the Merchant System and PhonePe System,

  • Testing through sandbox and troubleshooting

  • Version management

  • Maintenance through data reconciliation

This document is also meant for:

  • BDs to understand [Onboarding Flows](🔗)

  • Finance to understand [Settlement](🔗) and [Merchant Dashboard](🔗)

  • CS to understand [Merchant Dashboard](🔗) , esp. [Transactions](🔗) , [Refunds](🔗) and [Bulk Refunds](🔗) for solving PhonePe related customer queries