1. XCode 11 or newer

  2. Swift 5 or Objective-C codebase.

  3. Onboarded on PhonePe as a Merchant (Given a MerchantID, & Saltkeys to generate the checksum on your servers)

### Steps to Integrate SDK

The ** PhonePePayment** framework is needed for the SDK to work for both PreProd (Testing) and Production (Deployment) environments.

  1. The **PhonePePayment** SDK is available through CocoaPods [Refer to this [link](🔗) ] and **PhonePe PreProd iOS App** can be found [here](🔗).

  2. Import the framework in your project using **"import PhonePePayment"**

Remove the "DirectPaymentSDK" from your project if you have already integrated and wanted to migrate to CocoaPods.

### App Side

  1. In your Info.plist, create or append a new Array type node **LSApplicationQueriesSchemes** to append the following values:


  1. Add **PhonePeAppId** key with value as string in your app’s Info.plist as shown in the below screenshot for analytics purposes. **To Get AppId**: Share the Apple Team Id with the integration team to generate the AppId to be used.


  1. Create a URLType for your app (Deeplink), if not already present. For example, we have used: **iOSIntentIntegration**. (You can create your own identifier for your app)


  1. Using the Payload from your server, create a DPSTransactionRequest object, with callbackURL as the URLType created in the step above. Example: **callBackURL : iOSIntentIntegration**

  2. Initialize the PhonePeDPSDK and pass the DPSTransactionRequest object to the SDK. After the payment is complete and callback is received back to your app on the completionHandler, check the status of the transaction with your backend.

  1. Set the environment as **.uat** to test in the PreProd environment. While moving to the Production, set the environment as **.production**.

  2. In your AppDelegate, check for callback from the PhonePe app and if found, pass it to the SDK.

### Server Side

  1. Save the below assigned value at your server

  1. Construct the request body and encode it in Base 64 at your server as follows:

  1. Select one of the salts shared with you and note its index. Construct the X-verify at your server as follows:

  1. Once the payment is completed, please call the Check Transaction Status API to validate the response received via App. You can call the Check Transaction Status at regular intervals to fetch the response from the PhonePe server in case a response is not received in the application even after 10 minutes of initiating the application.

  2. The payment status can be Successful, Failed, Pending or any of the codes. For Pending, you should retry until the status changes to Successful or Failed.