Payment Flow of AUTH & CAPTURE can be divided into 3 sub-flows:-

  1. PhonePe Wallet Linking Flow

  2. Wallet Balance & TopUp Flow

  3. Auth & Capture Flow

**PhonePe Wallet Linking Flow **

  1. User visits merchant platforms and proceed to link the PhonePe wallet with merchant platform

  2. User enters the mobile number

  3. Merchant calls the** [PhonePe Trigger OTP API](🔗)**. PhonePe server validates the request and sends the OTP to the customer.

  4. User enters the OTP

  5. Merchant calls the **[PhonePe Verify OTP API](🔗) **and get the OTP validated

  6. Merchant saves the UserAuthToken for future operations


**Wallet Balance & Top-Up Flow **

  1. On clicking on PhonePe, the user need to see the balance.

  2. Merchant server calls the **[Get Wallet Balance API](🔗)** with the userAuthToken received while linking the user’s PhonePe wallet

  3. PhonePe server validates the token and shares the usableBalance which can be displayed as a balance

  4. Merchant display the Wallet top-up CTA if the balance is insufficient requirements

  5. Merchant server calls [**Wallet TopUp API**](🔗) to get the redirection URL

  6. Redirects user to the URL for top-up

  7. User completes the top-up. Merchant client receives the response from PhonePe

  8. Merchant client passes the information to the server


**Auth & Capture Flow **

  1. User adds the services in the cart

  2. Cart passes details like items, amount, etc. to the merchant server

  3. Merchant server calls the **[Submit Auth Request API](🔗)** to block the amount in customer’s PhonePe Wallet

  4. PhonePe validates the request and blocks the amount. On successful block, PhonePe pass the auth Id to the merchant

  5. Merchant starts providing the services to the customer

  6. Once fulfillment is completed, the merchant server calculated the final amount and calls the **[Submit Capture Request API](🔗) ** with the final amount that has to be debited

  7. PhonePe debits the amount and releases the remaining blocked amount. PhonePe confirms the status to the merchant

  8. Merchant notifies the customer