<br>Please refer below in case of following error codes:

Error CodeReasonResolution
_<code>INVALID_TRANSACTION_ID</code>_Duplicate <code>TransactionID</code>Re-try with a new unique <code>TransactionID</code>
_<code>BAD_REQUEST</code>_<p>1. Wrong data type in the payload 2. Incorrect Base64 computation 3. Incorrect <code>MerchantID</code>. </p><p>1. Only amount is in Integer, All other parameters should be in string. 2. Check Base64 computation 3. Refer [UAT credentials](🔗). </p>
_<code>AUTHORIZATION_FAILED</code>_<p>1. Incorrect Checksum computation or in incorrect format. 2. Incorrect API Keys.</p><p>1. Check Checksum computation and format 2. Refer [UAT credentials](🔗). </p>
_<code>INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR</code>_Something went wrongRetry after sometime