Read Sub-merchant API

This API endpoint can be used by aggregators to fetch information about an already onboarded sub-merchant.

Regarding the “subMerchant” path parameter used in this API:

  1. For newly onboarded sub-merchants, it should be PhonePe-generated sub-merchant-id (as received in response to Create Sub-merchant API)

  2. For already onboarded sub-merchants, it should be the aggregator-generated sub-merchant-id.

Request Headers

Field Name



SHA256 ("/v1/submerchant/{merchantId}/{subMerchantId}" + salt key) + ### + salt index





Response Code & Body

Success, if the request is valid & the requested sub-merchant-id is already onboarded.

HTTP Code: 200
"success": true,
"code": "SUCCESS",
"message": ,
"data": {
"merchantId": ,
"subMerchantId": ,
"fullName": ,
"displayName": ,
"mcc": ,
"websiteUrl": ,
"externalMerchantType": ,
"externalOnboardingType": ,
"phoneNumber": ,
"email": ,
"address": {
"building": ,
"street": ,
"area": ,
"locality": ,
"city": ,
"state": ,
"country": ,
"pinCode": ,

Sub-merchant not found, if the requested sub-merchant-id is not already onboarded.

HTTP Code: 400
"success": false,
"message”: "Sub-merchant is not onboarded."

Bad request if the X-Verify authorization header is missing or invalid.

HTTP Code: 400
"success": false,
"code”: "BAD_REQUEST",

Unauthorized, if the aggregator is not authorized to perform the operation.

HTTP Code: 401
"success": false,

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