Payment Flow


PhonePe Integrated Static QR is a payment solution to help a merchant reconcile the payments
made to a static QR with their billing POS.

With this integration, merchants would be able to accept payments via Static QR codes without
any challenges related to reconciliations.

Payment Flow

  1. Cashier punches the order and selects the PhonePe as MOP in the terminal
  2. Cashier presents the PhonePe QR to the customer and shares the amount for which customer has to make the payment

  1. Customer scans the QR via any UPI app and completes the transaction
  2. Once the transaction is completed, cashier will pull transactions from Transaction List API to confirm that
    payment was successful and click on the verify payment button against PhonePe.

  1. Transaction list API will fetch all the successful transaction happened during the defined window.
    The cashier may also filter out the list of transactions by using amount filter or last 4 digits of
    transaction ID (Optional).

  1. Merchant Server calls the PhonePe transaction list API with parameters such as
    Merchant ID, store id, amount, or last 4 digits of the transaction.
  2. PhonePe verifies the request and responds with the transaction details like PhonePe
    providerReferenceId, transaction Id, payment status, payment mode, amount, etc.
  3. On successful verification, the merchant server passes the response to Merchant POS
  4. Cashier closes the transaction and generates the bill
  5. Post invoice generation, the merchant's server calls Metadata API to push the invoice/bill number for future
    reference, to the PhonePe server. This helps to add the bill number for each transaction.
  6. Once the bill number is attached, the PhonePe server will exclude that transaction from the next response of
    Transaction list API, to avoid duplicates.

System Flow