1. Cashier punches the order and selects the PhonePe as MOP in the terminal

  2. Cashier presents the PhonePe QR to the customer and shares the amount for which customer has to make the payment


  1. Customer scans the QR via any UPI app and completes the transaction

  2. Once the transaction is completed, the customer shares the last 4-digits of the transaction id


  1. Cashier enters the last 4 digits of the transaction and clicks on the verify payment button against PhonePe MOP in POS


  1. Merchant POS calls the merchant server

  2. Merchant Server calls the **[PhonePe transaction list API](🔗) **with parameters as amount, last 4 digits of the transaction, store id, terminal id of the store

  3. PhonePe verifies the request and responds with the transaction details like PhonePe providerReferenceId, transaction status, etc.

  4. Merchant server checks for the duplication of transactions. On successful verification, the merchant server passes the response to Merchant POS

  5. Cashier closes the transaction and generates the bill


## **System Flow**