a.) My Trip/My Orders/My Booking Section

PhonePe Switch platform expect merchants to show “My Trip” or “My orders” or “My Booking” tab inside PhonePe Switch flow. Example :

In the below image, one of the hotel booking APP, have shown Bookings button which takes the user to his booking details.

b.) Sending Tracking URL

URL should be sent in the payments APIs so that when a user click on “VIEW DETAILS”, he should be able to see his particular order details.

c.) No other payment options

When a user selects the product and clicks on PAY, PhonePe Payments page should open rather than showing him PhonePe as an option. Inside Switch flow, a user will be able to pay by PhonePe only.


A user should not be shown any payment selection or payment mode. As soon as he clicks on the Pay button, PhonePe payments page should open.

d.) Maintain user session

Merchant should save the session in cookies so that even the user kills the PhonePe app and again comes back, he should be logged In.

e.) Removing other social logins/ payment options and download app options

1.) All social logins example login with Facebook/Google/Truecaller.

2.) “Download on Appstore or Play Store” should be removed.

3.) All other payment offers and banners across the Switch flow should be removed.


Social icons and Social sharing is allowed inside the PhonePe application