Switch Details for PayU Integration

Production Key

Production key which Payu has provided during the integration. The key will be of format "iNSuPB".

Email Id, Phone Number, and Address

PhonePe needs email id, phone number, and address of the merchant which is stored in the database just for reference. No communication is sent to the same. The format will be needed in :

"phoneNumber": "",
"email": "",
"address": {
"building": "",
"street": "",
"area": "",
"locality": "",
"city": "",
"state": "",
"country": "",
"pinCode": "",
"formattedAddress": "" },

Display Name

The Display name will be displayed across the PhonePe platform. Example: On the Apps screen, on the payments page and SSO(if implemented).


Whitelisted Domains

A user will be able to open only the whitelisted domains you mention in this section. The expectation is you will not be sharing any social media domains like "facebook.com". Also, google analytics domains are not required as the user does not access them directly.

Example: User wants to open a website called "https://www.test.com/phonepeweb" inside PhonePe so the whitelisted domains will be :

Static URL

Static URL is the URL of the merchant's PWA/Msite which will be configured on the icon on Apps section inside PhonePe App.

It is necessary for a merchant to know that the user is coming from PhonePe Switch platform. So it is recommended to implement a unique URL for this flow using utmsource.

Example :
For a merchant with website URL: https://www.test.com, the static URL will be

The PhonePe team will configure the same behind the test.com icon.

Image of Logo

This logo mapped on the PhonePe Apps page as given below for Faasos :


a.) The merchants are expected to send the logo which matches with logo in the google play store.
b.) The format should be an open source file like illustrator, SVG.

#Code of the loader around the logo

A loader usually revolves around the logo till the merchants static URL is launched. Would need a hashcode of the loader.

Example for Fassos the loaded is the purple color with #code as : #3A126C


Customer Support Escalation Matrix

All the user's queries will be redirected to the CS team of the merchant. Merchants are expected to share at least two levels of a matrix with phone numbers and email id.

Technical Escalation Matrix

All the issues inside the production environment need to be raised to the merchant's technical team. This matrix involves all the technical stakeholders from merchant's tech team who can look at the issues at the production and resolve the same on priority.

Issues like : Payments are failing, any of the core flow is breaking or the website is not loading will be raised to this group.

Merchants are expected to share at least two levels of a matrix with phone numbers and email id.