User Flow

When a user clicks on Food, he will be able to see all the merchants who belong to the Food category.

The below example is of Eatfit, a merchant who is integrated with PhonePe direct prepaid flow.

As soon as user clicks on Eatfit from the switch platform, he is redirected to the Eatfit website, where he will be able to browse through the product.

User is redirected the the “Static URL” of Eatfit where he can browse through the products

After selection of a product, a user needs to login using the PhonePe SSO flow.

User login on Eatfit App using PhonePe SSO flow

As soon as user confirms the order, PhonePe Switch flow is shown to the user, where he can complete the payment using UPI, Wallet or Cards and user will be redirected to the success or failure page of Eatfit once payment is completed on the Switch Platform

A user is able to see the PhonePe payments page where he can pay using Wallet, UPI and cards

After making a successful transaction, a user will be able to see the order details in the PhonePe history page as below :

User clicks on “VIEW DETAILS” button to check his order details

When a user clicks on the view details, he should be able to check the details of the particular order.