This API is used to check the status of the transaction using transaction id.

It is mandatory for the merchant to check the status of a transaction post callback from Accept Payments or Refund workflows.


S2S and Check Status API Handling

  • Once the customer is redirected back to the merchant website, merchants should check with their server if they have received the Server-to-Server Callback response. If not, it is mandatory to make a Transaction Status API check with PhonePe backend systems to know the actual status of the payment and, then accordingly process the result.

  • The payment status can be Success, Failed or Pending. When Pending, merchants should retry until the status changes to Success or Failed.


Check Status API - Reconciliation [MANDATORY]

If the payment status is Pending, then Check Status API should be called in the following interval:
The first status check at 20-25 seconds post transaction start, then
Every 3 seconds once for the next 30 seconds,
Every 6 seconds once for the next 60 seconds,
Every 10 seconds for the next 60 seconds,
Every 30 seconds for the next 60 seconds, and then
Every 1 min until timeout (15 mins).

Request Headers

Header NameHeader Value
X-VERIFYSHA256("/v3/transaction/{merchantId}/{transactionId}/status" +
saltKey) + "###" + saltIndex

Path Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionMandatory
merchantIdSTRINGUnique Merchant ID assigned to the merchant by PhonePeYes
transactionIdSTRINGMerchant transactionID for which status is to be fetchedYes

Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
successBOOLEANA boolean to indicate the success/failure of the request.
codeENUMPlease see the list of Transaction Status Response Codes below. You should base your decision on this parameter.
messageSTRINGShort message about status of transaction
transactionIdSTRINGUnique Transaction ID generated by the merchant to track this request to PhonePe
merchantIdSTRINGUnique Merchant ID assigned to the merchant by PhonePe
amountLONGTransaction amount in paise
merchantOrderId STRINGMerchant Order Id
Note: The merchantOrderId would be returned only when the merchantOrderId passed in API request is different from the transactionId.
providerReferenceIdSTRINGPhonePe transaction Id
paymentStateSTRINGPlease ignore this. Use "code" parameter to get latest status of transaction.
payResponseCodeSTRINGPhonePe internal status code. Please note this is a string value and new codes are likely to be added in the future. (Please don't do the marshalling/unmarshalling into an enum for this at your side). This is an informative value.

Transaction Status Response Codes

TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDPayment not initiated inside PhonePe
BAD_REQUESTInvalid request
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORSomething went wrong. Merchant needs to call Check Transaction Status to verify the transaction status.
PAYMENT_SUCCESSPayment is successful or In case of refund - Refund is successful.
PAYMENT_ERRORPayment failed
PAYMENT_PENDINGPayment is pending. It does not indicate failed payment. Merchant needs to call Check Transaction Status to verify the transaction status.
PAYMENT_DECLINEDPayment declined by user.


Cross-check the amount which has been passed in forward payment path(Accept payment API) and in the response of Check Transaction Status API.

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