Setting Up Test Accounts

Download the PhonePe Android app for test environment v4.1.507-PREPROD - here

Demo App SetupSteps
Adding Test Bank account1.Install the UAT(PhonePe preprod) app.
2.Select 'Account' from the menu.
3.Select 'Bank accounts'.
4.Click on Add new bank account.
5.Select "Test Bank - AABE/AABC/AABF/AABD" bank from list and add.
Creating VPA1.Select 'Account' from the menu.
2.Tap on User details.(Mobile number and name).
3.Under 'UPI ID' click on add.
4.Enter phone number or name and click on continue.
Wallet top-up1.Select 'Account' from the menu.
2.Select 'Wallet Balance'.
3.Enter the amount and top up using UPI (Test Bank)
Share the mobile number with the Integration Team [[email protected]].
Debit Card"card_number": "4404405293388562", 
"card_type": "DEBIT_CARD", 
"card_issuer": "VISA",
"expiry_month": 10, 
"expiry_year": 2045, 
"cvv": "490",

Bank Page OTP: 123456
Credit Card"card_number": "4208585190116667",
"card_type": "CREDIT_CARD",
"card_issuer": "VISA",
"expiry_month": 6,
"expiry_year": 2027,
"cvv": "508", 

Bank Page OTP: 123456