Base Url: https://mercury-t2.phonepe.com

TxList API Endpoint: https://mercury-t2.phonepe.com/v3/qr/transaction/list

  "size": 10,
  "merchantId": "UATMERCHANT101",
  "storeId": "MS165353876797897",
  "amount": 100,
  "last4Digits": "8156"

Request Headers

Header NameHeader Value
X-VERIFYSHA256(base64 encoded payload + "/v3/qr/transaction/list" + salt key) + ### + salt index

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionMandatory
sizeintegerNo. of txn to be shownYes
merchantIdstringUnique Merchant ID assigned to the merchant by PhonePeYes
storeIdstringUnique Store ID assigned to the merchant by PhonePeYes
amountlongAmount in paisaNo
last4DigitsstringLast 4 digits of PhonePe txnid. If payment was made by the external apps then last 4 digits of utr no./reference idNo
startTimestamplongTime in millisecondsNo
  "success": true,
  "code": "SUCCESS",
  "message": "Yourrequest has been successfully completed.",
  "data": {
    "resultCount": 1,
    "startTimestamp": 1614079349293,
    "endTimestamp": 1614079349293,
    "transactions": [
        "transactionId": "TXSCAN2102231651587876998585",
        "providerReferenceId": "T2102231652258076998155",
        "amount": 100,
        "paymentState": "PAYMENT_SUCCESS",
        "transactionDate": "2021-02-23 16:52:27.611",
        "payResponseCode": "SUCCESS",
        "paymentModes": [
            "type": "WALLET",
            "amount": 100
        "transactionContext": {
          "qrCodeId": "Q06417857",
          "posDeviceId": null,
          "storeId": "MS1906251249399153698572",
          "terminalId": "MST1906251250336133698174"
        "mobileNumber": "94XXXXX987",
        "phoneNumber": "94XXXXX987",
        "name": "Shankhajyoti"

Response Paramters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionSample Value
successBooleanSuccess status of the requestTRUE
codeEnumStatus Codes of requestSUCCESS
messageStringShort message about codeYour request has been successfully completed.
dataJSON ObjectData JSON ObjectData JSON Object

Data JSON Object

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionSample Value
resultCountIntegercount of the transactions found in the list1
startTimestamplongtimestamp from which the transactions are fetched1614079349293
endTimestamplongtimestamp till which the transactions are fetched1614079349293
qrCodeIdStringQR code Id passed in the transaction requestQ06417857
transactionsArray objectTransaction array objectTransaction array object

Transaction Array Object

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionSample Value
transactionIdStringUnique TransactionID generated by the merchant to track request to PhonePe
transactionId length should be less than 38 characters
providerReferenceIdStringPhonePe ReferenceIdT2102231652258076998155
amountLongTransaction amount in paise100
paymentStateStringPlease ignore this. Use "code" parameter to get latest status of transactionPAYMENT_SUCCESS
transactionDatelongTransaction timestamp52:27.6
payResponseCodeStringPhonePe internal status code. Please note this is a string value and new codes are likely to be added in the future. (Please don't do the marshalling/unmarshalling into an enum for this at your side). This is an informative valueSUCCESS
mobileNumberStringMasked mobile number of the userShankhajyoti
phoneNumberStringMasked phone number of the user94XXXXX987
nameStringName of the customerShankhajyoti
paymentModesJSON ObjectPaymentModes JSON ObjectPaymentModes JSON Object
transactionContextJSON ObjectTransactionContext JSON ObjectTransactionContext JSON Object

PaymentModes JSON Object

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionSample Value
typeStringPayment instrument used for transactionWALLET
amountLongAmount in paisa100

TransactionContext JSON Object

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionSample Value
qrCodeIdStringQR code Id against which payment is madeQ06417857
posDeviceIdStringpos Device Id against which payment is madenull
storeIdStringStore Id against which payment is madeMS1906251249399153698572
terminalIdStringTerminal Id against which payment is madeMST1906251250336133698174
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